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Xat (Las noticias están justo debajo del xat)

Hoy Jon Bon Jovi cumple 51 años!

Desde Bon Jovi Noticias le deseo un feliz aniversario y cómo siempre, un pequeño homenaje con algunos vídeos:

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Anónimo dijo...

From Peru (Lambayeque, Chiclayo)
I: ivonne olenka monk towers I have 13 years ......
I want to send a special greeting to my favorite and best q singer ever met in my life, a happy decearle 51 years and that in these 51 years of life say he has done an excellent job over the years, the means too much to me when I hear his songs is like listening to an angel sing. I wish you well and success xq Bon Jovi still there for awhile, I would ask a favor of all Peruvians departe that we love tell him we miss him too and ask q to remember us and come to Peru to hear his extraordinary voice. Good q dismissal I have a good day and I hope this message can reach the ears of my favorite singer

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