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Xat (Las noticias están justo debajo del xat)

rectificación del set-list

Ubo un pequeño error y me olvidé Get Ready, este fué el set-list :

 1 Lost Highway
 2 We Weren't Born to Follow
 3 Bad Name
 4 Born to be My baby
 5 Get Ready
 6 Only Lonely
 7 Thorn in My Side
 8 When We Were Beautiful
 9 Whole Lot of Leavin'
 10 Superman Tonight
 11 We Got it Goin' On
 12 It's My Life
 13 Bad Medicine
 14 Hallelujia
 15 I'll Be There For You
 16 Broken Promise Land
 17 Someday I'll be Saturday Night
 18 Who Says You Can't Go Home
 19 Loves the Only Rule
 20 Wanted Dead or Alive
 21 Livin' on a Prayer

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